Patriot, 8 x 10", watercolor and ink, framed


Patriot, 8 x 10", watercolor and ink, framed


A bit of nostagia that tells a story. The artwork is 8 x 10" framed in a red, wood distressed frame. Please let me know if you would like for me to send more pictures and I will be happy to email those to you.

This is the new original watercolor and ink painting "Patriot". The old truck sits in front of an old timey trading post. The lights on the porch of the store are left on to light the way for customers on the cloudy day. There is alot of attention to small details in this image. This work was named "Patriot" because of the U.S. flags that adorn the old truck. Fabulous bright colors will brighten any room in your home, or, give as a gift. Anyone who loves vintage trucks and nostalgia will love this artwork.

It was sketched onto the watercolor paper (see process photos above) from my reference photos. The cloudy sky was painted using indigo, turquoise and sepia colors. The truck is painted a bright red hue against the muted colors of the store in the background. I use black waterproof, Speedball ink, quill and nib for details.

Framed in a red, wooden distressed 16 x 20 wood frame. Ready to hang.

Shipped USPS Priority Mail, within 1-3 business days after paid order.

Size: Framed, 16 x 20", artwork image size is 8 x10"
Original watercolor and ink painting

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