Gas and Grocery Store, 5 x 7, framed


Gas and Grocery Store, 5 x 7, framed


This is the original watercolor painting.The longer you look at it the more details you will notice (for example, see the pumpkins in the back of the blue truck between the stores). 
It is framed in a black, 8 x 10", gallery style frame (see second photo for sample of gallery frame).

The watercolor is inspired by a couple of old, empty stores in Vina, AL. I have brought them back to life in this sweet watercolor and ink painting. Not really sure what these empty buildings housed many years ago, but I took the liberty of making them a gas station and grocery store. I can remember going to little stores like these when I was little. Soda in glass bottles, a dollar would buy a bag of candy and most gas stations were full service. 
The artwork involved plenty of line work. As you can see, great care has been taken to draw in the details. It is a beautiful piece...
The artwork is painted in my signature style, and the this work will fit perfectly with other Shelley Roze watercolor and ink paintings or, start your collection today! 

Title: Old Time Gas and Grocery
Completed: September 2015
Size: 5 x 7"
Framed to 8 x 10"
Medium: watercolor and ink
Signed on front and back by the artist

Shipped FREE in the U.S. within 1-3 days after purchase. 

Old Time Gas and Grocery, copyright 2015 Shelley R. Ozbirn. The artist retains the rights to the image and may copy or reproduce it in any form.

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